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Before You Travel~ Five Things To Do

by Alisa Rose P.


The transition from glorious vacation and rest, to the mundane and dull can be difficult and frustrating… dreaming of majestic mountains and pristine beaches and wishing you could be back there makes going to work so much harder than usual. So, here are five things you can do in your home before you leave to make coming home a welcome haven for rest between work and wonder land. It only takes a half hour to do everything on the list and it is so worth it. Because, when you come home from Paradise, the last thing you want to do is clean dishes or fold laundry. You need a nap! So, make sure that’s all out of the way (or most of it) so you can prepare yourself for the dull day ahead.

**I highly recommend house sitters do this as well… the last thing a home owner wants to do when they come home, is clean up someone ELSE’s mess.**

1) Take Out the Trash and Recycling-
This may seem like no brainer stuff, but you would be surprised how many families I have watched pets for who have left this undone, without realizing they will come home to stinky trash (so, I take it out). The scent of over-ripe veggies and past-its-prime meat packages is not pleasant to begin with but it is most unwelcome when its the first thing you notice walking in after vacation… your mind instantly turns to dread and the feeling that the next two hours are going to become a domino effect of chores. It’s a less than one minute task. Walk it out and dump the trash and recycling in the respective bins.

2) Do the Dishes-
I know… we all dread it. But, dreading it after vacation is worse than doing it before you leave. You can even leave them in the drying rack or fill the dishwasher right before you leave. Just make sure they are out of the sink and cleaned. No one wants to come home to a dirty pile, especially when you are hungry and you need a plate or bowl. I find that even the most horrendous piles of dishes take no more then ten minutes, fifteen tops.

3) Make the Bed-
I don’t know a single person who doesn’t like coming home on a normal day to a made bed. It’s inviting, cozy and comforting. Travel is exhausting and coming home to a fluffy welcoming bed you can flop down on is relieving… much better than shoving the laundry and paper work off of it and curling up in a corner with a wadded up blanket. It takes about one minute, or a little more if you are like me and have a thousand pillows of various sizes and shapes. And it is sooo worth it.

4) Wipe Down Your Counters-
This includes your bathroom counters. Why? I don’t know many people who like looking at the Jackson Pollock like arrangement of food smears and jelly blobs, left on the counter after a quick departure or harried meal. Or, the fine layer of cosmetic powder and flecks of toothpaste smattered on the bathroom sink and tile counter. Coming home to the gelatinous, crusted mess after vacation is frustrating. I, for one, find that it adds to the exhaustion and makes me want to turn around and get right back on the plain to la-la-land and stay there until I am bankrupt. It’s a three minute job tops. Spray. Swipe. Done.

5) Put Your Laundry in the Basket
That’s right… I did NOT tell you to fold it, OR put it away. But, at least put it in its respective dirty or clean basket… AT LEAST. I know, as a clothes fiend, that packing somehow results in a scene that appears as if my closet has vomited all of its contents onto the floor, bed and down the hall. Coming home with dirty clothes in your luggage that you rummage through for souvenirs and your toothbrush before you promptly pass-out only adds to the mess. So, get it off the floor and bed and into a basket — one for dirty, one for clean. It takes maybe a minute, possibly two if you have to sort which is dirty and which is clean.

It’s a simple list, and it can be done in less than half an hour. You can spend your whole vacation without worrying about what you left undone and it will make coming home a relief … or, at least, less of a drag.


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