anthropologist, musician, artist, domestic gypsy and spiritualist…

In Community

Articles, Forums and Shared information. Community is not essentially necessary to survival on this Earth, but for some reason humanity yearns it, creates and re-creates it constantly and seeks it like water in the desert. We all seek friends, like minded individuals, people who like the same music, want to connect on some interest — that’s why you are here reading this right? “Communitas”, as it is called, is what we humans live and die for, fight for and work for. Community affirms who we are and that we are not alone in the struggle to survive and thrive. I hope this page provides you with a space to share you interests, thoughts, ideas and to meet others of like mind!

**Please, be kind and courteous to each other in your comments. Articles, comments, posts, videos and information shared that the blogger finds inappropriate, defamatory, irrelevant or spam-ish will be deleted**


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